There are many ways to be a family. This children's book follows the computer Rufus' first working day in kindergarten. Rufus has an amazing memory, and his job is to remember who picks up each child. Rufus is initially a bit stiff and old-fashioned, but quickly becomes overwhelmed and crashes spectacularly!

The children update Rufus about modern family constellations, and he becomes much more tolerant and understanding of the many different family structures that exist.

The purpose of this book is to make every reader feel equal, and part of a real family, no matter what his or her family structure is.

Use this book as inspiration to discuss the different family structures with children. Let the child tell about his or her own family. Find a family in the book that resembles your own, and spark a conversation.

30 pages illustrated with vibrant and happy illustrations, written in easily read-aloud language. All the children in this book are content in themselves and their family structure.

E-book, readable on tablet, smartphone, computer and e-reader. The book is delivered in PDF format, A4 size, so it is easily printable if you so wish.

eur 12.50 after moms